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File Type : Lolcode Source File (Lolcode)

Compatible with: (Mac OSX 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

Searching for a program to open .LOL files?
The error "There is no application set to open the document." is a common problem faced by millions of Mac users daily. This happens either because the required app to open that file does not exist or there might be some malicious apps tempering your Mac
We recommend that you run a scan on your Mac to check for potential malware threats.


ExtensionSmallImg What is .LOL file?

Source code file written in LOLCODE, a programming language inspired by "lolcats" images; contains source code that uses slang syntax and keywords such as HAI (for "Hi" or "Hello") which denotes the beginning of the program, and KTHXBYE (for "OK thanks, bye"), which signals the end of the program. NOTE: LOLCODE is referred to as an "esoteric programming language" since its syntax is considered humorous. It is not a robust language such as C, C++, Java, or Python. Therefore, it is usually used for writing simple proof-of-concept and hobbyist applications. LOLCODE is popular with some hackers communities.

Recommended Software Programs to open .LOL file

Apple Mac OS X:
  • LOLPython
  • Any Text Editor
Microsoft Windows:
  • LOLPython
  • lolcode-dot-net
  • Any Text Editor
  • LOLPython
  • mailchimp-lolcode-interpreter
  • Any Text Editor